a Local or
Virtual Seva Community

a Group

an Event

a Request

an Offer

Communications and Data

In App Messaging

You will be able to message groups using the Messaging Room as well as individual members and the admin within your Seva Community.

Post Feeds

You can post relevant feeds to your Seva Community, similar to other social media platforms. Share a photo of your volunteer accomplishment! Post info about an event! Or simply share a news article link that your community would be interested in.

Easy Search

We have enabled Elastic Search capabilities for Posts, Groups, Events, and Messaging. You can use hash tags to enable better search for others.

Creating Smaller Groups

We also have a way to create Groups within your Seva Community, which is a group based on common interests or goals. Any Seva Credits earned within the Group, can be redeemed within the overall Seva Community.

Features and Benefits

Accessible and Convenient

    • Globally accessible in multiple languages
    • Available 24×7
    • Multiple options to access the service
    • Facilitates connectivity to meet community needs
    • Processing tip included in entry points for ease of use and timeliness of transactions
    • Search capabilities are available on each tab

Global Access to Seva Exchange Services

    • Available via Google throughout the world
    • De-centralized and secure platform for volunteers across the globe
    • Global reach enabling large volunteer pools & small, localized groups
    • Serves help seekers’ increasing need for support during trying times

Multi- Lingual

    • Accessible by more people and cultures. Current languages support includes Spanish, French, Portugese, Swahili, Afrikaans, Shona, Traditional Mandarin, and Simplified Chinese 
    • Other languages can be added upon request

Technology Agnostic

    • Any device that can access the internet and has network capabilities can access and use the app.
    • Apps and processes maintained upon multiple technologies.

User Friendly Community Management tools

    • Easy to use project management and communication tools
    • Simple community onboarding and integration
    • Equips volunteers with the tools and resources to make a real impact
    • Minimizes time, investment required for events & fundraising
    • Members can generate offers to multiple people at the same time
    • Identifying members as favorites can benefits communities is projects searches and other needs as required

Data Security & Content screening for impropriety 

    • Ensures individual and company data integrity, privacy and compliance across all aspects of SevaX App services
    • Profanity checks for explicit images and text help keeps the app safer for both kids and adults

Anyone, any Nonprofit Organization or Enterprise can create a community

    • A community can be started with zero cost.
    • Valuable PR for companies seeking community involvement
    • Streamlining of religious & community groups’ service efforts
    • Enables youth to acquire community service credits for school
    • Members and other communities of interest and find determine location and distance

Choice of having Private Seva Communities/Groups (Not shown publicly) 

    • Neither Communities or Groups can be searched by other communities
    • Only admins can add members to that Community/Group can help organizers keep their community unidentified.
    • Private Groups can be created within open communities

Search capabilities

    • Searching for people with skills can help event organizers pick better volunteers for the job
    • Records of past hired members can help organizers quickly invite them to participate in requests.
    • ElasticSearch is used to make information easily accessible.