The SevaX App was created by the Seva Exchange Corporation

About the SevaX App
Traditional volunteering models, and the established culture and structures surrounding giving and receiving service, do not meet the ever-growing needs of our communities – particularly within elderly, disabled, and housing- and food-insecure populations. Global citizens have been desperate for greater connection and mutual empathy for decades, and the events of 2020 – with the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racial inequality, increasing homelesness, and the climate crisis – have crystallized our need for tangible change, here and now. By providing an accessible platform for people of all walks of life to support one another through service, we cultivate an ongoing cycle of goodwill and oneness. This is how we change the world through the SevaX App, which pairs volunteers’ abilities with the needs of community groups and individuals through the AI-powered, skills-matching technology available via our mobile app (iOs and Android) and web app at https://web.sevaxapp.com.

The SevaX App was created to bring ideas and efforts together to solve real world problems.

How it Works
Our software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort through lists of app users to establish patterns of interest and capabilities. Then, individuals are matched with prevailing needs where they can use their capabilities. Unlike most volunteer matching services, SevaX recognizes that each hour of effort given by a user must be matched by an hour of effort received; Every hour contributed is banked as Seva Credits within the private account of the person who has contributed that hour of effort.

Based upon Edgar Cahn’s philosophy that for every hour of service given, an hour of credit is granted, timebanking enables individuals and organizations to engage with underserved, marginalized communities by sharing time based on skills and interests, creating a means of exchange wherein volunteers earn time credits, which can then be applied toward their own needs. Seva credits can also be donated back to the community, thus doubling volunteer time.

Our Difference
Current products in this field of services are fragmented: they tend to exclusively provide volunteer tracking, or timebanking, or enterprise volunteer management; but none of their products offer these features within one cohesive platform, while focusing on motivating and retaining volunteers and re-framing service as a lifestyle practice. They also lack the skills-to needs-matching AI technology and expansive international scope of SevaX. Our team identified this crucial market gap, which is why we created our unparalleled model encompassing every tool required to scale and integrate the act of service into all of our lives seamlessly.

Next Steps
Our team is ready to empower your organization – large or small, for-profit or nonprofit – with the advanced technology needed to make a meaningful impact in your community, and the world. We offer a subscription-based model with varying levels of SevaX capabilities, and are eager to engage your group in this platform that creates a lasting change in communities in now, while ensuring a more inclusive, compassionate world for future generations and our planet. To learn how to begin applying the SevaX approach within your organization today, we recommend contacting us at [email protected]. Let us understand your needs, so we can better serve your organization.
Note: If you would like to try our product out first, we recommend that you do so on our website at https://www.sevaxapp.com. We provide a free sandbox environment that will allow you to try out all the features. Please be aware that sandbox communities are automatically deleted after 7 days.  For all paid plans, we will provide one recorded training session with your members.