Offers are made by users to the Seva Community or to other users. Offers to the Seva Community inform the admin(s) of the specific skills that the user has to offer – for example, Accounting and Book Keeping . Offers to other users are  to teach classes to other users – for example, Basket weaving class to groups of 5 or more.

It is recommended that TimeBank Offers be created within the Group that the user belongs to. On the other hand, the One to Many offers can be made at the Timebank level – to allow for more people to benefit from the class being offered.

The personas being used here are regular User  – who creates the offer and an Admin User who accepts the offer.

To create an Offer, touch the + icon on the Offers tab.

Now enter all the relevant information for the Offer, including Location and Description:

Group Admins can “Bookmark” offers that they would like to utilize at a later point in time. These offers are visible under the “Bookmarked Offers” tab.

Admins have the option of accepting or rejecting the offer.

After an Offer is Accepted, it gets converted to a Request. The Admin fills in the missing details in the Request.

Now, the rest of the workflow is the same as a Request.