The Seva X App was created by the Seva Exchange Corporation

Seva Exchange empowers and motivates volunteers and connects them to community-minded organizations. Our SevaX platform will play an integral part in our global movement of revitalizing communities. Excessive greed in society has, to a large extent, imposed tremendous costs on the non-market parts of society, such as neighborhoods, families, and the environment. We believe that we can try to solve this mass inequity throughout the world by moving communities over to timebanking. We at Seva Exchange are bridge builders and we are here to serve community-minded individuals and organizations. Through service, we transform ourselves. Through service, we witness the transformation of the World.

How it Works

At Seva Exchange, we provide a tool for sharing communities across the globe. It is a decentralized timebanking platform for communities, organizations, and individuals to share skills and services with one another, cultivate multiple forms assets (beyond financial wealth), and make sharing communities truly scalable. Decades of timebanking practice have proven that it is an effective tool to build individuals and communities from the ground up across age, ethnicity, economic status, and gender divides, and that it is especially effective for marginalized communities that are conventionally regarded as resource-deprived. Furthermore, our SevaX App will be life-saving for communities during this pandemic.

What We Do

We match volunteers’ favorite skills with recipients’ most powerful needs, increasing the sense of value for all parties. We add scalable timebanking, allowing volunteers to earn time credits that they can spend for help they need, or donate to others in need.

Our platform adds four powerful motivators to increase and sustain volunteering; Validation, Extrinsic Rewards, Skills Mastery, and Gamification. Combined, these can help unlock the talents and potential of tens of millions of volunteers annually, creating significant value to organizations and individuals.